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Interview with Avital,
ראיון עם אביטל הנדלר בישראל היום
להמשך קריאה :)
"Avital Handler proves that women CAN play tuba" , Jerusalem Post
אביטל הנדלר נשים יכולות לנגן בטובה כלי נשיפה
"Avital Handler proves that women CAN play the tuba". Read more
"אביטל הנדלר מוכיחה שנשים יכולות לנגן בטובה" ראיון מרתק, להמשך

From Scott Mendoker, tubaSenior, 

University of Hartford Philadelphia Brass:

On Saturday, January 28th, the Israel Tuba Duo (Avital Handler and
Haim Mazar) presented a 90 minute master class followed by a recital.

In the well-attended master class run by Ms. Handler, the participants were treated to everything from body awareness to how to get your musical ideas across to your colleagues AND the audience. Avital stressed the importance of the body/breath relationship by getting the students to march around the hall. Awareness of oneself was discussed. How to play under duress (out of breath) as well as a terrific visual example, in the form of a contest, of constant air flow by keeping a piece of tissue paper held in place on the wall with only the breath were illustrated beautifully. And toward the end of the session, the students were asked to sit in a circle and "communicate" by playing a note while looking at a person who, in turn, had to play the next note in the same style and volume while looking at another person, etc... This was a great chamber music exercise and a wonderful way to open a discussion about musical responsibility.

The recital was a very successful musical event that showed the large Berkman Recital Hall crowd what the end result could be IF you followed the suggestions put forth by Ms. Handler in the aforementioned master class. Both Avital and her equally talented partner, Mr. Haim Mazar, played with wonderful musical expression and line. What a treat it was to hear two superb musicians who could seemly read each other's mind! Intonation was spot-on and the seamless way in which the phrases were traded, expanded upon and brought to their satisfying conclusions made us all aware that we were listening to something very special. And the banter in-between each selection was both entertaining and educational.

Wonderful teaching and exceptional playing made for a fantastic experience for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance. 

Scott Mendoker, tuba
Senior Artist Teacher
The Hartt School/University of Hartford
Philadelphia Brass

John Van Houten - Soloist and recording artist:

"I highly recommend Ms. Avital Handler's CD.

She is a remarkable Musician, Artist and incredible Tubist.

Thank you for your Talent Avital!!! Brava"

"A few weeks ago, I received this beautiful new CD by dear friend and Israeli tuba player Avital Handler "Tuba in the City". Just now I have a little more time to talk a bit about this wonderful disc. The repertoire it's fresh and very attractive! Avital shows us he's beautiful sound and singing style! Listening to this disc makes me very curious to the next CD by Avital! A special word to the wonderful job of the pianist Raviv Leibzirer! A must to all tuba lovers and collectors! Thanks Avital for such beautiful CD! Bravi!"


"Just received Avital's wonderful CD in the mail a few days ago. Absolutely gorgeous sound...reminds me of the tone and lyricism of the great Michael Lind and his recordings. Lots of character and charisma in this CD and one that I am very happy to share with the students in my studio as an example of great musicality! BRAVA Avital!"


Jerusalem Post
April 2015
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